On this page are links to a number of galleries which showcase projects that we have undertaken in the recent past.

Please note that some galleries have a lot of images, and it may take a moment for them all to load.

Historical Building & Structure Relocation

Hobbs & Morralls - Fish and Chip Shop and Gentleman's Outfitters

Hobbs & Morralls Gallery

Old Birmingham Road Rebuild

Old Birmingham Road Gallery

Nailmaker's Cottage Rebuild

Old Birmingham Road Gallery

Blakedown Signal Box

Blakedown Signal Box Gallery

DNRC Game House

DNRC Game House Gallery


DNRC Lido Gallery

Specialist Building, Restoration & Construction

Keltruck HGV Ramp

Keltruck HGV Ramp

Agricultural Buildings Project

Agricultural Building Gallery

Sitch House Mill

Sitch House Mill Gallery

Spring Valley Farm

Spring Valley Gallery

First Steps Nursery, Raddlebarn Road, Birmingham

Raddlebarn Gallery

Other Galleries

We also have a number of galleries of photos from past projects: click the thumbnail below to view a sample of them.

Other Galleries